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  • Name: Cold Drawn Square Steel Bar
  • Number: 002
  • Uplaod time: 2016-12-06
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Cold drawn square steel bar are cold drawn by hot rolled steel square bars or hot rolled steel round bars or wire rods with precision dimesions and better surfaces compred to hot rolled square steel bars. 
Processing : hot rolled bars/wire rods - (spheroidizing annealed for alloy steel/bearing steel) - pickling - cleaning - saponifing - cold drawn - (softening annealed for alloy steel/bearing steel) - cutting - bundling - packing - finished products
Application : The cold drawn steel square bars are used to produce crane rails, steel weight stacks in fitness training equipement and auotomotive cars and all kinds of square shafts in industril and agricultural machinery.
Material : carbon steel round bars and alloy steel round bars as the major material list according to customers' requirements
Dimensions : From 8*8mm to 150*150mm
Tolerances : h8 – h11
Length : 6000mm in general, but can cut to any length according to customers' requirements.
Straightness : 2mm/m max
Surface Roughness : 1.2mm max
Packing : Rusty proof packages. Anti rusty oil painting, film wrapped inside and Nylon plastic bags wrapped outside

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