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  • Name: Cold Drawn Octangular Steel Bar
  • Number: 006
  • Uplaod time: 2016-12-06
  • Views : 195

The cold drawn octangular steel bar is one kind of steel bar with octagular cross-section. It is usually used to produce octangular fasteners or couplings.
Processing : hot rolled bars/wire rods - (spheroidizing annealed for alloy steel/bearing steel) - pickling - cleaning - saponifing - cold drawn - (softening annealed for alloy steel/bearing steel) - cutting - bundling - packing - finished products
Shape : Octangular
Material : carbon steel round bars and alloy steel round bars as the major material list according to customers' requirements
Dimensions : 8mm to 150mm from face to face
Tolerances : h8 – h11
Length : 6000mm in general, but can cut to any length according to customers' requirements.
Straightness : 2mm/m max
Surface Roughness : 1.2mm max
Packing : Rusty proof packages. Anti rusty oil painting, film wrapped inside and Nylon plastic bags wrapped outside

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