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  • Name: Peeled or Turned Round Steel Bright Bar
  • Number: 015
  • Uplaod time: 2016-12-14
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Peeling and turning are kinds of metalworks processing to enhance the surface quality by removing scales, cracks, seams, deformations, decarborized layers of the hot rolled or cold drawn bars. After peeling or turning, the bars will get bright surface, precision dimension and good straightness.
Processing : Nine Roller Pre-straightening - Two Roller Straightening and Press Polishing - Peeling Machine Turning - Centerless Grinding Machine grinding
Application : The peeled or turned bright bars can be used in producing springs, bearings, gears, shafts and various components in machinery and automotives. 
Material : carbon steel round bars and alloy steel round bars as the major material list according to customers' requirements
Dimensions : From 20mm to 120mm
Tolerances : h 9 – h11
Length : 6000mm in general, but can cut to any length according to customers' requirements.
Straightness : 0.2mm/m - 1.5mm/m
Surface Roughness : 0.06mm - 1.2mm
Grinding Amount : 0.01mm - 1.2mm

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