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      Shandong Le Ren Special Steel Co., Ltd. Is a factory to produce cold drawn and heat treated steel bars for manufacturers of high strength bolts, sucker rods, piston rods and engineering machinery axis pins in oil & gas, automotive and construction industrial field. 

     With annual productivity 36,000 tons , our markets are all over the world such as the United of Emirates, Saudi Arab, Oman, South Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, Italy, Romania, the United states, Argentina etc. 
     Many of our customers are supplier of big oil & gas groups such as GCC, PDO, BP, CHEVRON, Weatherforld. We also have direct cooperation with some industrial big companies such as NOV, Hyundai Heavy Industries, VLI etc. Excepting international business, we are also partners of some Chinese big mills to do further processing for their exporting department. 
     Our raw materials are all from Chinese reputed mills such as Shandong steel group, Nanjing Steel group, Juneng steel, Jiyuan Steel etc. With their good quality raw materials, our advanced production facilities and strict quality control, we guarantee 100% quality products.